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Price increases for the holidays and demand for loans

November 28 2017 Poles are lending more and more, which does not mean that they are getting worse. Salaries are rising, along with the demand and creditworthiness of individual consumers. However, this situation has the other side of the coin, inflation is also rising, which means price increases. This year prices have been rising fastest […]

Real Estate Loan Insurance: What is the Delegation of Insurance?

As we know, mortgage insurance is not legally required to obtain a mortgage. but it is required by banks. Borrowers do not have much choice. On the other hand, they are not forced to accept the insurance offer of their bank. They can call on an outside agency. This operation is named delegation of insurance, […]

The mortgage loan in Europe is doing well

What is the reality of the mortgage market in Europe? The latest study published by Finance Crediter Bank answers this question. The conclusions are clear: the activity is dynamic, despite strong disparities between countries. Most of the credits subscribed in Europe concern real estate More than 6 billion euros! This is the amount of outstanding […]


Loan Insurance: Why Change Borrower Insurance?

Have you heard about the Bourquin law ? Effective for all mortgage insurance contracts since 1 January 2018, new legislative means freedom and savings to all consumers who wish to break the contract of insurance of their mortgages in particular. But why is this good news? The borrower’s insurance change is now! Real estate loan […]

Installment loan – where we can borrow the most

Installment loan with bad history in Retrodatabase An installment loan is an alternative solution for people who, due to a bad credit history at Retrodatabase, face a bank’s refusal and know that the payday loan will not cover their expense, nor will they be able to pay it back within 30 days. Admittedly, Daily Credit, […]

Real estate loan insurance: what are the existing guarantees?

Real estate loan insurance protects against “accidents” in life: disability, temporary incapacity for work, loss of a job, death. In the event of a claim, the insurer pays for all or part of the mortgage payment. Compulsory guarantees Some warranties are mandatory, others optional. Let’s start with the mandatory ones: First, the death guarantee. How […]