Credit repurchase: the gift vs money problems.

Who are you, the generous donor? The Good Finance Group, this organization created by major associations and social and humanitarian foundations with the aim of preserving and developing a relationship of trust with their donors, is trying to paint a robot portrait of these French people who carry out donations. And guess what: trust is […]

Credits: what is the profile of people in debt situation?

In its survey of people in over-indebtedness, the Best Bank presents a portrait of people who have filed a file . In 2016, they are less numerous since their number decreased by 10.6% over one year. Find the detail in our article. Who are the people affected by over-indebtedness? Mostly, “over-indebtedness situations concern single people […]

The installment loan – extremely popular, especially as online installment loans

An installment loan is a loan granted by a bank or credit institution to private individuals. The loan amounts to a predetermined amount that is repaid in fixed monthly installments. The installments include an amount that serves to repay the loan and a certain rate of interest that is also recorded when the contract is […]